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Mark Six Results for 20/12/2005

The results from Mark Six draw number 05/150 held on 20/12/2005 are displayed on this page. You can see a full prize breakdown below, including the individual prize amounts in each division and how much money was paid out in total.

The number of winners in the table below may appear as a fraction of a whole number in cases where the winning bets include at least one Partial Unit Investment (PUI). See the Prizes page for more information about playing with a PUI and how it affects the value of the prizes you can win.

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Total Prize
Total Prizes Paid HK$74,821,064
Total Prize
Total Winners 343,460.2
Total Prize
Total Turnover HK$90,784,905
USD 77,000,000

Prize Breakdown

Prize Tier Prize Amount Number of Winners Total Division Prize Fund
1st Match 6
Match 6
HK$20,583,455 2.0 HK$41,166,910
2nd Match 5 plus Bonus
Match 5 plus Bonus
HK$1,097,240 4.0 HK$4,388,960
3rd Match 5
Match 5
HK$42,870 273.0 HK$11,703,510
4th Match 4 plus Bonus
Match 4 plus Bonus
HK$4,800 613.0 HK$2,942,400
5th Match 4
Match 4
HK$320 17,435.2 HK$5,579,264
6th Match 3 plus Bonus
Match 3 plus Bonus
HK$160 18,124.0 HK$2,899,840
7th Match 3
Match 3
HK$20 307,009.0 HK$6,140,180
Total 343,460.2 HK$74,821,064