China Sports Lottery

China Sports Lottery

The China Sports Lottery is a government-run organisation which offers a large selection of games and promotes sporting activities in the country. Players can choose to enter traditional draw games such as Super Lotto and Order of 5 or try to win big prizes by predicting the results of international football matches. The Sports Lottery also offers a variety of High Frequency games that take place every few minutes.

Super Lotto is drawn three times a week. To play, you need to select five main numbers from 1 to 35 and two extra numbers between 1 and 12. There are a total of 13 different ways to win prizes and you can win multimillion-dollar jackpots by matching all of your chosen numbers with the winning line.

To play this daily game, choose a three-digit number from 000 to 999 and decide on your play type. If you place a direct bet and try to predict the three winning digits in the right order, you can win the fixed prize of 1,040 yuan (HK$1,200). Alternatively, you can opt for a group bet to play for a smaller prize at better odds.

Order of 5 draws take place every day. You need to enter a five-digit number from 00000 to 99999 to take part. Unlike Order of 3, there is only one prize available in Order of 5, but if you match all five numbers in the right order you will win 100,000 yuan (HK$115,000).

Seven Star Lottery is a game which requires you to pick a seven-digit number from 0000000 to 9999999. A winning number is drawn every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday and the more consecutive digits you match, the bigger your prize. The most you can win is 5 million yuan (HK$5.7 million), for matching all seven numbers in the correct order, but you just have to match two consecutive digits in the same position to pick up a prize.

Predict what will happen in major international football matches for the chance to win prizes of up to 5 million yuan (HK$5.7 million). In the Winning and Losing Colours game, you have to bet on the outcome of 14 specified fixtures and say whether each result will be a home win, an away win, or a draw.

In 4-selection correct score, you have to try and predict how many goals will be scored by each competing team in four fixtures. The Sports Lottery will specify the fixtures to be featured, and you have to go through the eight teams and select whether they will score 0, 1, 2 or 3+ goals.

As the name suggests, the aim here is to guess the half time and full time results of six designated football matches. Mark ‘3’ if you think the home team will win, ‘1’ if you think it will be a draw or ‘0’ for an away win. If you predict all the results correctly, you win a share of the prize.

Sports Lottery Rules

You must be at least 18 years of age to buy Sports Lottery tickets. If you win a prize, it will remain valid for 60 days. If it is not claimed within this time, the money will go to the public welfare fund. It is your responsibility to keep your ticket safe as it acts as proof of entry. You will need to present your valid ticket at a designated lottery outlet in order to receive your prize. If the ticket has been damaged so that it cannot be identified, you will not be paid. You may be asked to provide a valid identification document before you can receive your prize.

About China Sports Lottery

Established in 1994, the China Sports Lottery aims to make a difference to people’s lives by raising money through ticket sales for good causes. The budget allows for sporting projects to be supported at all levels, from the provision of sports equipment to schools to the funding of elite athletes. It is run at a national level by the State General Administration of Sports, while provincial sports bureaus oversee local spending. Almost all of the funds for national sporting centres come from the Sports Lottery, helping Chinese athletes to prepare as well as possible for major events such as the Olympic Games and Asian Games.

The Sports Lottery has generated more than 1.4 trillion yuan (HK$1.6 trillion) in revenue since it was launched, with money also going to help education, healthcare and other social causes. As of 2018, more than 380 billion yuan (HK$437 billion) has been raised for public welfare funds. As well as raising money, the lottery’s ongoing mission is to promote a sporting culture throughout China and continue to build a responsible, trustworthy and sustainable business.