Mark Six Geneartor

Mark Six Prizes

Each Mark Six draw has seven prize divisions, ranging from the jackpot in the 1st division for matching all six main numbers to a fixed prize of HK$40 in the 7th division for matching just three of the main numbers drawn. Each draw also has fixed prizes of HK$9600, HK$640 and HK$320 in the 4th, 5th and 6th divisions respectively.

All prizes are based on the unit investment of the entry. If a player has entered via a partial unit investment, then they are only entitled to a prize equal to the amount the partial unit investment corresponds to the unit investment. For example, if you had a partial unit investment of HK$5, then you would win 0.5 the advertised prize amount as it’s half the value of a unit investment. Players used to be able to enter a partial unit investment of HK$2 or HK$4 via standing instruction, and as such you will regularly see decimals in the number of winners column, although this method of entry is no longer allowed.

Whilst the bottom four divisions are fixed prize amounts, the top three divisions all have prizes that vary depending on how much money ends up in the prize fund from ticket sales and how many winners are in that division. The total prize fund for the division will be divided amongst all the winners for the division equally, with those that won using a partial unit investment winning their corresponding amount. The table below shows how the prize in each division is calculated.

Prize Tier Balls Matched Prize Fund Allocation
1st 6
Match 6 and Plus ball
45% (minimum HK$8 million)
2nd 5 + Bonus Ball
Match 5 and Plus ball
3rd 5
Match 5
4th 4 + Bonus Ball
Match 4 and Plus Ball
Fixed prize of HK$9,600
5th 4
Match 4
Fixed prize of HK$640
6th 3 + Bonus Ball
Match 3 and Plus ball
Fixed prize of HK$320
7th 3
Match 3
Fixed prize of HK$40
USD 120,000,000

The total draw prize fund is assigned 54% of the revenue from wagers placed on the Mark Six draw, as per the distribution of revenue. From this fund, the prizes in the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th division are paid out and deducted, followed by the Snowball deduction of 9%. The remaining amount is then split into the top three prize divisions: 45% for the 1st division, 15% for the 2nd division and the remaining 40% for the 3rd division.

These percentages are subject to adjustment depending on the prize fund amount. For each draw the 1st division prize must be a minimum of HK$8million and double that of the 2nd division prize. The 2nd division prize must be at least double the 3rd division prize and the 3rd division prize double that of the 4th division prize. Although the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th division prizes are fixed, they are open to adjustment depending on the prize fund.

The Snowball fund was set up on 1st July 2006 to create extra-large jackpots for the Snowball draws that take place a few times every year. To ensure the prize fund is big enough to increase these jackpots, 9% of the prize fund from every normal draw is taken and added to the Snowball fund which is then added onto the 1st division prize for the Snowball draw. For more information, head over to our dedicated Snowball draw page.

If the prize fund in any particular draw is not sufficient to pay out the minimum 1st division prize of HK$8million, then the Snowball fund will be used to supplement the prize fund. The same will be done if the total amount won in the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th divisions is more than 60% of the total prize fund, to ensure there are sufficient funds to pay the top three divisions.

Prize Tier Balls Matched % of Prize Fund Odds of Winning Lowest Ever Prize Amount Highest Ever Prize Amount Average Prize Amount per Draw Fewest Ever Winners Highest Ever Winners Average Winners per draw
1st 6 45% 1 in 139,838,160 HK$2,362,510.00 HK$92,400,130.00 HK$21,742,329.43 0 7 0.4
2nd 5 + Bonus Ball 15% 1 in 23,306,360 HK$38,400.00 HK$5,780,310.00 HK$1,293,597.73 0 19 2.3
3rd 5 40% 1 in 554,913 HK$19,200.00 HK$249,250.00 HK$82,028.88 17 845 98.5
4th 4 + Bonus Ball HK$9,600 1 in 221,965 HK$9,600.00 HK$9,600.00 HK$9,600.00 57 1,346 242.5
5th 4 HK$640 1 in 10,828 HK$640.00 HK$640.00 HK$640.00 1,446 42,690 4,991.1
6th 3 + Bonus Ball HK$320 1 in 8,130 HK$320.00 HK$320.00 HK$320.00 2,154 36,260 6,624.7
7th 3 HK$40 1 in 609 HK$40.00 HK$40.00 HK$40.00 31,432 670,457 88,426.5

Figures calculated using draws between 05/01/1993 and 23/05/2024.

Claiming your prize

All winnings must be collected within 60 days of the relevant draw taking place. Online entrants will have the winnings automatically paid into their betting account. Winners on tickets will need to visit an off-course betting branch with their ticket within the 60-day window in order to have their prize paid to them. Use our branch locator to find your nearest HKJC branch.